Play sets can also become unstable and dangerous from wood rotting. Even if you think your backyard is dry, it could be causing irreparable damage to your play set. Level Dry Blocks solve this problem by lifting the entire play set off of the ground.

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  • Safety

    To the naked eye you may look at your backyard and feel like you have a level surface, but as soon as you install your new play set you may find that it is wobbly and unstable. This can create a dangerous playing experience. LevelDry is an easy to install fix for unstable play sets.

  • Protection

    Even if you think your backyard is dry, it could be causing irreparable damage to your play set. LevelDry solves this problem by lifting the entire play set off of the ground. You can stack two blocks on top of each other for even the most uneven surfaces.

  • Convenience

    Repeated lawn maintenance over time can also cause big problems where rot is concerned. Weed whackers and even damage from run ins with lawn mowers can cause cuts in the wood. This can lead to more moisture seeping into the wood, causing the wood to rot more rapidly.

LevelDry Trampolines

  • Patent Pending
  • Triple Action System that anchors, Levels and Helps stabilize trampolines
  • You can use it only as an anchor or to Level one side of your trampoline or help Stabilize your trampoline or all three which are vital for safe play on your new trampoline
  • Made in USA from Recycled Rubber
  • Level up 5″
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Avoid Hazards with Trampoline Leveling Blocks

Trampolines can be a great way for kids to get exercise and have fun, but they can also be dangerous if they are not properly installed and maintained. Trampoline leveling blocks can help prevent hazards such as wobbling, tipping, and injuries by ensuring that your trampoline is level and stable. Leveling blocks are typically made of rubber and are placed under the legs of the trampoline. They can be used to level a trampoline on uneven ground and to adjust the height of the trampoline if needed.

Advantages of Trampoline Leveling Blocks

Trampoline leveling blocks offer a number of advantages that can enhance the safety and durability of your trampoline. Alongside keeping your children safe, leveling blocks are made from durable materials that can withstand the elements and heavy use, making them a long-term investment. Furthermore, leveling blocks are easy to install and use, making them a practical and convenient solution for trampoline owners of all experience levels.

Why Invest in Trampoline Leveling Blocks?

If you are wondering how to keep your children safe on a trampoline, we highly recommend investing in trampoline leveling blocks. It is a small investment that can make a big difference in the safety of your children and the lifespan of your trampoline.

LevelDry Swing sets

  • Protect Wood From Rot & Lawncare Damage
  • Safe Installations On Uneven Surfaces
  • Reversible for Both Straight and Angled Parts
  • Stack up to two blocks high
  • Pre-drilled Holes For Rebar Stakes
  • Made in USA from 100% Recycled Rubber
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Keeping Your Children Safe with Level Dry Blocks

Your backyard may look safe, but any attempt at installing a playset for your children will reveal how unstable and unsafe it is. Not only that, but the wet ground and accidental damage from lawn equipment can both rot away at the wooden supports of this equipment. The best thing to put under a swing set is Level Dry’s rubber dry blocks.

Secure Level Ground for Playsets, Every Time

With almost four decades of experience in the wooden playset business, we understand the hidden dangers that can damage your child’s playsets and put them at risk of harm. This includes moisture rotting away the wood and uneven ground, making the entire structure unstable and causing sinking. Our level dry blocks are designed to help you level a swing set on a lawn, not to mention any other playground equipment you wish to provide for your kids. We provide small and large level dry blocks, each one made in the USA and from 100% recycled rubber. Ultimately, we wish to protect your children’s safety and protect your investment by ensuring you always have level ground for a playset.

Invest in Safety and Peace of Mind Today

The answer to the question ‘how do you level ground for a child’s playset’ is Level Dry’s large and small level dry blocks. Our product will keep your playsets dry and ensure your peace of mind. To buy from us directly or learn more, call or contact us today.
level drylevel dry with angle braceweed whacker

Rubber Leveling Blocks for Playsets Protect Children

Do you have to level ground for a playset? It would be best if you leveled the playset and not necessarily the ground. Some people try to level the playset by burying concrete blocks or digging a hole and filling it with sand. The safety issue is that the ground can still shift with these options, causing equipment instability, while the playground set’s wood legs are subjected to rot and landscaping equipment damage. A swing set, playset or trampoline that is not level is dangerous.

The solution is durable rubber playground leveling blocks set on top of the ground. The leveling blocks for a playset will not rust or rot, are stackable to accommodate different leveling needs, and are easily placed wherever needed. The playset leveling blocks can also accommodate any playset size and configuration. Some playset leveling requires multiple leveling blocks and stabilizing bars, making it easy to stabilize even complex large playsets with a swing, slide, angled climbing stairs, straight legs, angled legs, and other play features.

Instead of digging multiple holes, the swing set leveling kits and playset leveling systems make it easy to level each area of the playset as needed by using multiple leveling blocks of different sizes. Rebar stakes can provide additional stability as needed. This system creates a much safer play environment because every swingset leg and climbing area touching the ground, depending on the playset configuration, is supported. It is nearly impossible to fully stabilize play equipment of any size by going underground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Level Ground?

Leveling the ground for a playset is not always possible because of the lay of the land. The ground may be rocky under the sod, or the yard has a slope. Instead of leveling the ground, you can level the playset. The playset leveling system that includes rubber leveling blocks and leveling rebar stakes provides the stability needed to ensure the play equipment remains stable and safe for users.

What Is The Best Thing To Put Under A Swing Set?

The best thing to put under a swing set is swing set leveling blocks. They work on top of grass, mulch, shredded rubber or other surfaces subject to shifting. Leveling blocks made of 100% recycled rubber are durable and provide the playset stability that is so important for the safety of children.

How Do I Keep My Swing Set From Sinking?

The ideal way to keep a swing set from sinking is to keep it off the ground. Using rubber blocks places the weight of the swing set on the blocks instead of the ground while protecting metal or wood from exposure to moisture. Moisture causes the ground to get soft and uneven, which leads to sinking. The rubber blocks maintain a level surface.

How Do You Level A Swing Set On A Lawn?

The best way to level a swing set on a lawn is to level the swing set above ground. Though some companies recommend burying concrete blocks or laying sand or other materials, both options leave the swing set subject to shifting. Playset leveling blocks installed above ground are a safer, long-lasting option.
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LevelDry has been protecting children with its leveling blocks for playsets since 2013. Contact us to learn more and see the picture gallery showing how the playground leveling blocks work for any wood playset.

About Us

We have been in the wooden play set business since 1984. The number one issue with these outdoor play systems is ground moisture and landscaping damage to the base of the sets. This damage is not always covered by manufacturer’s warranties and can cause serious structural issues to the units. Our goal was to come out with a product that protects your investment and keeps your children safe. Thus, LevelDry came about in 2013. This product has proven over the years to be a true success and we are excited to be able to offer the product throughout the US.
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