Frequently Asked Questions

How high can I stack my LevelDry?

We only recommend stacking your LevelDry two high.

How do you install LevelDry?

Place the appropriate sized blocks under all stress points and ends of boards. For example all the stress points where the uprights reach the ground and meet with the sandbox boards; as well as rock wall legs, ladder legs and swing beam legs, etc. Once you have them in place use a rebar stake to secure the block to the ground and the rebar stake to the playset

How many LevelDry blocks do I need?

Following the recommended installation above you will be able to figure out how many blocks you need. Every play set is different. You can also call your local dealer to help you figure out what you need or call us directly if you wish at 908-801-9508 or email us at and we can help you figure out the quantity.

How does LevelDry protect my swing set?

LevelDry creates a shield against ground moisture. By having the play set up off the ground and on our rubber, breathable blocks the wood will not sit in moisture. When play sets are exposed to constant ground moisture they begin to rot causing the play set to become unstable. Having the play set raised also helps for lawn care machines to go under the boards rather than along them causing damage to the wood and in turn exposing the wood to elements that eventually rot the wood out.

Do I need to use stakes with my LevelDry?

Some high end play sets are very heavy and really don’t need a rebar stake to be used. However, as a precaution to prevent shifting we do recommend using rebar stakes on all the LevelDry block installations. Low end sets that are constructed with mostly 2x4s should definitely have them installed with the blocks because of the lighter overall weight of the units. When using two high it is also highly recommended that the rebar stakes be installed.

Why do I have to worry about ground moisture damage when the manufacturer warranty covers this?

It is true some manufacturers do cover this type of damage; but many do not. The manufacturers that do cover this however; do not cover shipping for the parts and the labor to change them. Based on a US average among manufacturers you are looking at a minimum of about $250 for shipping and labor costs of $500 or more depending on the size of your play set. This is because ground rot not only occurs on the sandbox boards but the uprights, as well, thus making it necessary for the whole set to be disassembled and then reassembled with the new uprights.

When do I use large blocks?

Large LevelDry blocks are the most used block throughout the swingset. They are used on all the 4×4 and 4×6 parts of the unit as well as all corners of the fort. If you’re not sure which to use, large or small, then default to large since it has more applications than the small block.  Don’t forget to add Rebar stakes that we offer.

When do I use small blocks?

Small LevelDry blocks are used on all the 2x4s and middle of the 2×6 long runs as well as most rock walls and ladders.

How level does my ground need to be to use the LevelDry blocks?

LevelDry blocks are 1 3/4″ thick. They have an indent on the top of about 3/4″. Since you can stack the LevelDry two high you want to make sure that the ground you are installing the swing set and the LevelDry is not more than 2 3/4″ off. If you want to be able to have LevelDry under the entire set to protect from rot and landscaping as well as using it to level the set then the ground must not be off more than 1″. Even though our blocks help with leveling it is only for very minor leveling issues as LevelDry was created for the main purpose of protecting your play set from ground rot and landscaping.

Where can I purchase LevelDry?

LevelDry can be purchased from your local dealer, either on their web site or in their stores. Please see our Dealer Page to find your local dealer. If you do not have a local dealer then you may place your order with us directly @ 908-801-9508.

What is Weed Whacking Damage and How does Level Dry help protect against it?

One of the biggest issues is the Weed Whacking Damage from the cord that is cutting grass around each post of the swingset. The Level Dry block safely elevates each of the wood parts so the Weed Whacking cord does not harm the wood.

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