How Do You Level a Swing Set On a Lawn?

Sinking swing set October 18, 2023 12:00 pm

A swing set can make a fun and thrilling addition to any lawn. However, setting it up requires an even surface for improved safety and stability. The ground can shift or sink over time from excessive moisture, leading to safety and stability issues. Here’s where playground leveling blocks come into play.

You can use playset leveling blocks to level a swing set on a lawn without digging deeply or leveling the ground for your playset. You only need to set up swing set leveling blocks above ground. This is done by placing the appropriate Level Dry blocks and rebar stakes under the stress points to prevent your swing set from shifting.

Playset leveling blocks come in different sizes. Small Level Dry blocks are appropriate for ladders, long runs, and rock walls, while large Level Dry blocks are ideal for leveling all corners of the swing set. Large Level Dry blocks are the default leveling blocks for playsets since they have more applications than small Level Dry blocks.

Investing in playground leveling blocks from Level Dry is worthwhile. Level Dry blocks comprise 100% recycled rubber, making them durable and moisture-proof. Installation is fast and straightforward since you don’t have to level the ground but rather the swing set. Contact Level Dry today for affordable rubber swing set leveling blocks.


1. How deep should I dig into the lawn for leveling a swing set?

It depends on the size of the swing set and the type of soil, grass, and materials. However, most swing sets require a depth of about 6 inches.

2. Do I need to check and adjust playground leveling blocks regularly?

Rubber playset leveling blocks usually maintain an even surface, requiring minimal inspections and checks. However, you may need rebar stakes with your Level Dry blocks in areas prone to shifting.

3. Are swing set leveling blocks durable?

It depends on the material used. Rubber leveling blocks are the most durable since they don’t absorb moisture and can withstand temperature changes.

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