Do I Need Rebar Stakes?

Do I Need Rebar Stakes? September 24, 2020 1:48 pm

Today’s backyard swing sets and play structures are so large that many people think they are inherently stable.  While they are designed to be safe and secure, what you may not realize by looking at most play structures is that they do not simply sit on top of the ground; most of them are connected to the ground in some way.  Most play structures available for DIY installation at home use twisted ground anchors to secure the unit to the ground.  Play structures that are installed by professionals may use these same ground anchors or they may use other things, such as rebar, to secure the structure to the ground.

At Level Dry, we believe that the most important feature of a swing set is that it be safe for your kids.  Without safety, even the best swing set cannot provide what you think you are purchasing; a secure backyard place space for your children.  We also believe that, while ground stakes may be sufficient to provide safety in some circumstances, if you want to really ensure safety and stability, you are going to want to use rebar stakes to secure your play structure to the ground.  While many swing set manufacturers do not include stakes in their design plan or in their materials, our Level Dry system is designed to work with rebar stakes for maximum safety and stability.

Why do we think rebar is important for the structural stability of swing sets?  Rebar, which is a steel bar, is used in a wide variety of building projects to provide strength and stability to other materials.  Rebar has become the industry standard for a number of reasons.  First, it is stronger than fiberglass or steel cables, providing its own strength and stability.  Second, rebar is a surprisingly affordable option that offers a tremendous amount of “bang for the buck” when you compare additional costs to additional benefits.

Rebar acts as a reinforcer.  By keeping projects more stable, you reduce movement.  Reducing movement reduces the amount of wear and tear on the other, softer surfaces, such as wood and vinyl, that are used to create play structure.  In addition to increasing structural integrity, it also increases structural stability, firmly anchoring the structure deeply into the ground.  This can be important if weather conditions cause ground instability on the surface of the ground, which may occur in heavy rains or during exceptionally dry periods.  Our Level Dry system allows you to add that stability to your playset, even if it was not designed to use rebar stakes.

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