What Is The Best Thing To Put Under A Swing Set?

Level Dry for under swing set December 20, 2020 3:34 pm

Ideas for Installing Your First Swing Set in Your Home’s Yard

If you are thinking of installing a swing set, you have a lot of decisions to make. First, you’ll have to settle on a particular model. Next, you’ll have to determine where to put it. Finally, you may be faced with the question of what is the best thing to put under a swing set. Although the first few considerations depend on your unique situation, there is some guidance for the last one. See what you can do with the area below the swing set.

When Kids Are Involved

It’s likely that the swing set is for the enjoyment of your children. If so, you need to make sure that it will be safe in every aspect. One often overlooked area is the ground below the swing set. What is the best thing to put under a swing set? The answer for this particular scenario is vinyl mulch. This material can protect kids from nasty falls and does not splinter or break. Furthermore, the surface is resistant to mold and disintegration. This is why you should consider a vinyl mulch as a possible option.

Using Blocks Under the Swing Set

There is another option when it comes to the area under a swing set. Again, this begs the question what is the best thing to put under a swing set? The answer here is rubber blocks. In this sense, we are not talking about the ground directly below. Instead, blocks provide a support system for the swing unit itself. They keep the structure off the ground so that it doesn’t have to weather the elements. This can prevent rotting and instability due to an uneven surface. Taking this step will protect your swing set for years to come.

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