Level is the Solution

Level Dry Angle Unit September 24, 2020 1:46 pm

If you have ever installed a backyard swing set or play structure, then you probably already know that the first step in the installation instructions is to level out the area for the playset.  While it may seem like a time-consuming step, it is a critically important one.  Play structures, especially swing sets, need to be placed on level ground because they are large, heavy structures that have been designed to be balanced when placed on a level surface.  If they are out of level, they could lean over time, causing a potentially dangerous scenario as well as not looking right.  In some structures, being out of level could even lead to a structure that falls or tips when children use the swings or other moving parts of the play structure.  Leveling the surface may be annoying, but it is critical.

However, leveling a surface can be harder than it looks.  Many yards that appear flat actually have some minor changes in the level of the structure that are not detectable under most circumstances, but become obvious when trying to build a play structure.  Other yards are built with an intentional angle in them, to ensure appropriate drainage away from existing structures.  Correcting the surface angle of the yard could put structures in jeopardy.  Finally, some yards simply have great existing landscaping that would have to be changed or altered by a major leveling project.

Fortunately, you can create a level base for a play structure without having to level the entire structure of the project.  The first thing you need to do is look at the instructions for the play structure.  Most structures sold online or in-stores have the ability to adjust some of the beams to account for surfaces that cannot be leveled.  You will need to know the difference in the surface level in order to make the appropriate changes, but they are often possible.  In fact, if you know that you will be working with an uneven surface that you cannot reasonably level, then you want to make sure and purchase a play structure that is adjustable.

You can also use Level Dry, either alone or in conjunction with beam adjustments, to level a play structure.  Our Level Dry blocks are made of 100% recycled rubber blocks, and are available in two sizes to accommodate support beams ranging from 2 x 4 to 4 x 6.  They can be used on straight-leg or angle-leg swing sets and are stackable.  Held in place by rebar, they can provide a steady and level foundation for your swing sets, even when your ground is uneven.

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